The Engeco White Tank System

allows the construction of inherently waterproof structures, thanks to the use of:

High strength waterproof concrete

High strength waterproof concrete with a low water-cement ratio (< 0,52)

Resistance classes compliant with the project and exposure classes consistent with the aggressive environment where used. Low water penetration depths are obtained and shrinkage is reduced. Thermal shock during maturation is reduced and the compatible concrete is workable.

Injectable joints

Injectable joints for waterproofing weaknesses such as construction joints, cracks, passing elements, formwork holes etc.

Our waterproof concrete is pre-qualified at our plant for the defined mix-design and tested directly on site during installation via our specifically equipped mobile laboratories.
With this type of waterproofing solution it's possible to eliminate the use of any type of waterproof membrane outside the structure.




Since this waterproofing method is not entrusted to a sheet, it cannot be damaged, because the construction itself that is waterproof. Furthermore, the resin resides in the concrete and has the same thickness as the structure. This contributes to the impermeability of the system, even if it has to be exposed to aggressive water.



Creating a single waterproof reinforced concrete structure saves time excavating and sourcing materials. The added opportunity to use programmed slots as temporary formwork also allows for continuous casting. This eliminates excavation timings which can slow down the process of laying the reinforcement. Therfore this waterproofing method can be excluded from the normal program of works because the "white tank" installation can run in parallel to the ordinary ones of the site.



This system guarantees the possibility of accessible maintenance over time. Each repair can be conducted from within the structure or directly onto the structure using injection techniques, without the need for external excavation. The resin, operates by adhesion and pressure and can be re-injected into the profile. If necessary, this allows for real and effective maintenance because the position of each "white tank" profile is shown on the "as-built" layout, drawn up by Engineering with the findings of the site operations manager.



Engeco stands by it responsibilty as a guarantor. It provides customers with an insurance certificate with a 10 year guarantee.

White Tank


Phase 1


Waterproofing concrete for durable water-proof constructions. Engeco formulate concrete mixes that extend far beyond the beyond the minumum requirements of construction.

Phase 2


We provide solutions to all the weak points in a waterproof concrete structure. Thorough checks to control the future crack patterns, which then constrains the formation of any cracks foreseen.

  • Waterproofing of construction joints
  • Planned and waterproofing of cracks
  • Waterproofing of passing pipes
  • Injection of the installed elements