ENGECO SA Waterproofing has the utmost care and consideration for our customer's satisfaction. Respecting the commitments made, winning the trust of customers and building a good reference system are the main objectives of our continual and positive growth.

Customer orientation means recognising their needs to develop an offer that confirms market demands. The main objective is the constant increase in company performance and its customers aims to generate long-term relationships.

In a work environment that changes so rapidly because of to technology, reference regulations, generational changes, etc ... - good intentions and promises are not enough. It is necessary dimostrare to the Customer that the organisation is respectful of the commitments made - completing them within the set times and consistently managing every problem and variation - proposing itself on the market as a supplier that guarantees quality and effectiveness in order to win the trust of its customers.

For this reason we have decided to adopt a Quality Management System compliant with the standard ISO 9001:2015 which allows us to guarantee:

  • the maintenance and priority of the customer's needs
  • compliance with the Laws and Regulations that apply to our products and activities
  • understanding the needs of the customer in a clear, written and detailed way both during the preparation of offers and during the production process
  • continuous improvement of business processes

The Management aims to fulfil the role as an exemplary Employer by spreading a stimulating and motivating entrepreneurial culture in the name of real continual improvement. The commitments are therefore:

  • to define, every year, the company objectives with customer satisfaction as a priority
  • to allocate adequate resources for staff training, updating work equipment and control tools and optimizing work environments, considering human interactions, sociability and ecological respect as an integral and fundamental part of the production process
  • to invest, to an appropriate extent, the profits obtained to consolidate stability and promote the development and projects of the organisation
  • to systematically devote part of our time to examine the effectiveness of the Quality System and to improve it, periodically verifying the outcome of these activities giving written evidence and identifying weaknesses and ideas for improvement

It is therefore fundamentally important that in all decisions and actions, as well as in appearance and behaviour inside and outside the company, the collaborators adhere to the principles of ENGECO which form the basis of the code of behaviour.

The company recognises itself in 3 basic principles which are: credibility, honesty and incorruptibility and requires compliance by all its employees.

The policy is documented, implemented and made operational through the commitment of the Management and the involvement of staff at all levels and functions concerned, according to the established company procedures.

This commitment is communicated to all its collaborators, and is made available to all interested parties who have been invited to collaborate fully and willingly.
This document is periodically reviewed to ensure its consistency and adequacy over time.

Code of Conduct

For ENGECO the competence, technical and social awareness of its collaborators is of primary importance. To respond with professionalism to the needs of customers, the company offers its collaborators a basic professional training course and periodic updating aimed at the specificities of the sector to which the production process belongs.
The principles in which ENGECO recognises itself, in concrete respect for them means:


Each employee must be: sincere, reliable, professional and faithful to the company's internal policy.


Each collaborator, in the context of his own business and towards customers and suppliers, must guarantee his own righteousness, integrity, transparency and compliance with current regulations.


In social and operational relationships, the collaborator must not be influenced, he must instead be responsible in his own decisions and actions, guaranteeing the quality of his work and respect for the environment and health and safety, rejecting any gratuity and favouritism that goes beyond the common sense of hospitality.

Guarantee of principles

In the case of well-founded suspicion of an influence that could destabilise compliance with the values ​​of the code of conduct, promptly inform the management.

In conclusion, all collaborators are required to support and pursue ENGECO's mission with commitment and responsibility.

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